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Where to Mount Your TV

There is a subtle science to designs and arrangement – particularly appropriate TV placement. If you toss your TV in a corner without a proper position, you will probably be stuck extending your neck, upsetting your adornments, increasing the volume too high, or some other blend of burdens. 

Although many people don’t put much thought about it, there are a couple of tips you should remember to benefit fully from your entertainment spaces, like knowing where exactly you should mount your TV.

Beneath are the tips that can help you determine the exact place where you should mount your TV.

Locate a Power Source
Find the nearest power source to where you want to put your TV. Make sure there’s an adequate power supply to handle any extras like Blu-ray players and sound systems. Also, consider the location of the windows and how much brightness you’ll get on the screen.

Deciding the Right TV Height and Distance
It’s best to put your TV at eye level. This placing is ideal, so when you are situated, you’re not stressing your neck or eyes by gazing upward or down to see the screen. For the most part, around 4 feet off the ground is acceptable. Then multiply the diagonal width of the screen by three to decide the best viewing distance. 

One of the most widely recognized interior design mistakes is purchasing a piece that is out of scale with a room. This mistake goes for your TV too. It’s one thing for a TV to be the point of convergence of living space. However, it’s entirely another thing if it rules the room to the detriment of the remainder of your stylistic theme. Do whatever it takes not to place a big TV into a little space, not just it will predominate your improvements and decorations, but also it will hurt your eyes.

Pick a Focal Point 
If your TV is your point of convergence, place it in the focal point of the seating region. If you have another focal point, like a shelf or an excellent window, consider putting it on the wall nearby the focal point so it can, in any case, anyone can see it easily.

Incorporate It 
Fuse your TV into your stylistic layout by setting it on a unit, such as a cabinet, and surround it with books, items, and photos. To coordinate it, significantly more, enclose it with a display wall of photography or craftsmanship in dark frames. 

Flip It 
If you need to have a little TV in a zone, for example, the kitchen, buy one that can be mounted under cabinets and flipped up or down as you need it. These can likewise work in lairs or home workplaces.

The Mantel 
Most decorators will say you should never put your TV on or over the shelf. Not only it’s excessively high, but also you’re placing a big, dark screen right in the center of the room’s best focal point. It’s also the current trend, and there are many individuals out there who appear to like it. If you decide to place your TV over the shelf, get a flat screen, and mount it to the wall as opposed to having it stand directly on the shelf.