TV Installation

tv installation when done

Even though TV sets come with instructional guides, it is never as easy or as clear as they say. Before setting up our services to help community members in the Atlanta area, we used to help our friends and family and were astounded by how complicated some instructional guides can be. “Plug the gray cable in the black box with a squiggle line under the handle” is an example of an instruction we never fully understood… There are always so many cables, so many boxes, and there are always two cables of the same color. Which is which?! If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, fret no more. We’re here to help with our ideal TV installation services.

Flat Screen TV Installation
Flat screens have been on the market for years and we’ve been able to improve out skills for fixing and installing them. We’d like to think of ourselves as experts. Have you recently purchased a new flat screen TV or inherited one from a friend or family member you can’t wait to use? Give us a call and we’ll be over before you know it. Our team can install a flat screen TV in less than two hours and we’ll make sure its working perfectly before we finish the job.

Outdoor TV Installation
Have you ever thought of having an outdoor TV? We’ve been installing outdoor TVs for years now. One of the best set ups we’ve ever seen was an in-wall TV mount over an outdoor Jacuzzi. Now that’s a good idea. Maybe you don’t have a Jacuzzi, not all of us do, but you can still have an outdoor TV and enjoy the Atlanta weather year round. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the steps of how to get started!

Follow Up
Our team members are committed to doing our from from start to finish. That means that we will make sure your TV is working perfectly before we call it a day. Sometimes, there can be complications with a TV set-up. Cables can be corroded or a faulty signal may cause an installation to not be as perfect as we want it. Our team offers follow-up services after an installation to make sure your TV is working perfectly after we’ve installed it. Think of it as a prolonged installation service.

Commercial TV Installation
Most of our projects are focused on residential customers but that doesn’t mean that we don’t take care of commercial projects just as well. Our team has years of experience working with business people in the Atlanta area to improve their commercial areas. Whether you own a sports bar, a restaurant, or a convenience store, if you are interested in installing a TV (or a couple!) in your property, give us a call. We’re the team for you. We’ll make sure you get ideal TV installation at an affordable price. Installing a TV in your business is a great way to improve the environment and offer the best customer care to your clients.