TV Moving and Relocation

workers working on tv moving

Where your TV is in your home or business is an important aspect of any room. A TV’s location can change the use of your house and can even lead to more family time together and quality social hours. Depending on whether you are looking to enjoy your TV by yourself and get some much needed time alone, or are interested in having a social hub where everyone gathers around to watch series and games together, your TV placement is going to affect that. If you’re thinking of moving your TV from one place to another, give us a call and we’ll give you a hand. You won’t have to worry about putting the wires in the right places because that’s what we’ll do!

Entertainment Center Relocation
Did you renovate your basement and want to relocate your entertainment center there now, so you don’t have to hear the kids playing Xbox while you’re in the living room? Or maybe your entertainment center has outgrown your bedroom and you want to move it to a different room. Worry that you would be able to put all those wires in the right place again? Then give us a call. We’ve been relocating entertainment centers for residents in the Atlanta community for years now and we’ll help you set it up so you can enjoy it without worrying about an electrical short or ruining your TV.

In-Wall TV Relocation
Whether you have a small flat screen in-wall TV in your kitchen or a large TV mounted into your living room wall, changes in your lifestyle might make you want to move it somewhere else. For our team, there is no job, and no TV too small or too big for us to relocate. We’ll take down your in-wall TV carefully so as to not damage your home, and put it back up so you can enjoy it without thinking about it falling or scraping your walls.

Outdoor TV Relocation
Few people think about having a TV outside because its not very common. But, Atlanta weather is great year round and if you’ve decided you’re ready to take a leap and relocate your TV outside, we can help you out. Whether you want it on your front porch or backyard, we’ll get the job done. Its really important to us that wiring is out of the way to prevent any unexpected accidents and we won’t finish the job until your outdoor TV is working perfectly and safely for all.

Signal Troubleshooting
If you have had problems receiving signal on your TV chances are its placed in a place where its difficult to get signal. Give TV Mounting Service Atlanta a call and our team will come over to your home or office to troubleshoot the signal. We’ve often found that moving your TV a couple feet one way can help increase signal reception. Sometimes, it might be better to move it to a whole different room. We’ll work closely with you to find what’s best for your needs and preferences and make sure you can enjoy your TV without interruptions.